AV.io HD – Grab and Go USB Video Capture Review

av.io HD reviewMemories are meant to be preserved and to be remembered them later in life. In gaming, the memories we have are often cherished for years, plus we want to share what we are doing on Youtube or other forms of social media! These memories are kept in shapes of photos or in videos. Capturing a video with the best quality’s product is a must for us and in our capture card reviews we are always looking for high output and well made products. We would not want to ruin footage by capturing it with a device which cannot provide us with crisp and clean video and even audio.  The AV.io HD video grabber from Epiphan Video may well be the solution to your problem regarding video capturing.  It is a high-quality video capture device and while it is a little more expensive than many of the other products currently on the market, this AV.io review shows us a bit more about why.

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You can capture video with your DVI, HDMI or VGA video source, whichever source you want. This device has the flexibility to go with anything. It is super easy to connect and you can share video from any source. Users will not even need to install any software and device to use this video grabber, and they can use it as a webcam in programs like Skype and others. It is super compatible with MAC and Windows. This device can capture in any resolution you want from 480p to 1080p with best HD quality. It transfers uncompressed video to your computer in HD at an impressive 60 fps which is not something every card can offer. It has also the ability to capture audio from your HDMI source.

People don’t even have to worry about the scaling or aspect ratio of the video as it itself does all the hard work. It works amazingly with inputs such as old video cameras or VHS players and of course with gaming consoles too. The most amazing part is you don’t need to worry regarding upscaling, downscaling, or stretching aspect ratios, as the device itself does everything for you.

Many users have taken advantage of this to stream what they’re getting up to on their favorite games. Like other device, it does not need extra drivers or an extra adapter to install it. Just use it like a webcam. Plug it into your computer’s USB port and your half of the work is done with it, so you don’t have to have a degree in computer engineering to get this up and running, the plug and play versatility is very appealing and we all know how to use USB ports! The USB 3.0 ability means it can capture lossless qualities for use on even the most intense video projects, the video could be used in a Hollywood movie and the quality would stand up (depending on the original source, of course).

The main attraction of this device is being lightweight and portable. You can take it anywhere you want meaning you can play in the comfort of your home or take it to a friends to record a night of gaming. You will not even need extra space to store it. It is super flexible and has the ability to work with any other third-party application supports like- Skype, VLC media player, QuickTime, windows camera and more. This small and cute device comes with DVI cable, an HDMI cable, and a DVI to VGI cable. The price isn’t cheap, but you are getting a portable and flexible device full of amazing features. It supports brightness, contrast, horizontal and vertical shift adjustments for perfect captures.

There are other options available at a lower price point, but this is a strong recommendation for people who are all about getting the best quality. It is a great device and the combination of portability with great quality and HD capabilities, as well as ease of use make the AV.io HD – Grab and Go a great choice.

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