AVerMedia AVerCapture HD Capture Card Review

avercapture hdThe AVerMedia AVerCapture HD helps to professionally stream your videos online and capture gameplay or live video playing on almost any device. It comes with an awesome, state of the art recording feature. It can capture high quality video up to a very high 1080P, making it High Definition and more than good enough for streaming on Twitch, Youtube or elsewhere. In fact, this quality would be good enough for making a film, so you don’t need to worry about how it looks. This device has been simplified and modernized for those who like to work with their laptops, Macs or PCs. It comes with a H.264 hardware encoder that enables low CPU usage even while providing its most crisp and clear HD footage.

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It has the capabilities to deliver file formats which can be customized for any uploading or editing purpose, so you don’t have to worry about converting or fiddling around managing files. The HD footage is acquired through the HDMI connection. It also has an interesting pass-thru feature which assures seamless High Definition playback and watching experience. You can record videos in no time using the on-board button feature. Additionally, streaming is also made extremely easy with just a click. It is possible to connect the footage and videos to streaming platforms of your choice, for example Twitch if you are a gamer and looking to stream your video. In fact you can personalize the streaming experience by customizing them based on your individual preferences.

You can stream everything from PC gameplay, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One or WiiU through a USB 2.0 card which provided by AVerMedia AVerCapture HD LGP Lite feature. You can stream them up to 1080P in High Definition quality using HDMI and component input. The H.264 hardware encoder is a built in feature which enables reduced latency to a large extent and this in turn helps the voice commentary and the gameplay to be in perfect sync, avoiding those awful laggy videos we’ve all experienced on youtube or when tuning into a stream. The hardware encoder is an essential feature because it ensures a high quality framerate in order to make the viewing experience as flawless as possible and make it look like you’re watching a movie. It helps you to record and stream simultaneously.

As many users may like to add voice commentary or other edits to game plays, this unit comes with AVerMedia RECentral software that helps to deliver high quality voice commentary. You can also save it as an exclusive track (MP3) which can be customized and edited (things like compression to make your voice louder) if needed during post production. Another function known as Timeshift enables backdated recording of some classic moments at the click of a mouse. However the buffer time of this feature is valid only for an hour. This is similar to the feature on many modern TVs where if you miss something you can rewind back to it. So even if you miss a moment and decide you need to keep it you can do it with this feature.

If you are someone very active on the social media including facebook, twitter, youtube etc this device can be a great value addition, and can help you on your path to becoming a well known game reviewer, commentator or just a youtube gamer celebrity. I have been using this for quite some time and I can only say that, it is an awesome product with great features. I have used several other products to capture and record my gameplays. They worked well for few games, however when I used them for prolonged periods of time, I found that either my video quality or audio quality or synchronization of voice commentary with the gameplay videos were not so good. However with AVerMedia AVerCapture HD, I don’t have to worry because it not only comes with great features but is very durable and known to work efficiently for an extended period. This product is worth it, because it delivers great value for money. The other reviews which you can find online back up the statements from this article.

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