AVerMedia Technologies Live Gamer Portable Capture Card Review

avermedia live gamerThere are various Live Gamer Capture cards but the one we’re running the rule over in our review today is the portable Avermedia Live Gamer also known as the C875. This Gamer card has extremely low Latency and makes the process of capturing video from your console, be it playstation or xbox, or another device, really easy. 

Avermedia Technologies Live Gamer Capture card is extremely easy to use and provides portability for its users which is one of the main draws of the product, some of the capture cards out there are clunky and need to be plugged into a computer or even connected permanently. This gamer card has slowly made its position in the market and is going strong as it known to be the favorite device for getting excellent capture and streaming needs.  It has shown performance to rival the famous Elgato Gamer Card that has ruled the market of capture cards. Avermedia Live Gamer Capture C875 card combines the features of its previous versions.

PC Free Recording

This is the main reason I believe that this is one of the best selling products of its type. Eliminating the need for a PC to be included in the process is something the market was calling out for for some time before this product came along. You can simply plug it into a console (everything from Xbox to Wii and even PC) and record straight onto an SD card, and as their capacity has grown and grown you can record long video clips too.


It is not wrong to state that is a product with the best features and wonders that can make the life of any user remarkable. The experience of using the capture card is great as the manufacturers have focused on making it completely latency free.  If you are planning to buy the product you may be curious about its design. Avermedia is made in such a way that is extremely sleek and has an exterior that is made from smooth black plastic, it is portable as you might expect from the name. The company has made sure that the capture card is of light weight and can be carried anywhere without any difficulty. Other capture cards are not very portable and usually extremely heavy to carry. The glass shield protects the LGX logo and can also be removed if the user wishes to.

You can also enjoy the retrospective recording feature known as their TimeShift. It means you can go up to an hour back in your gameplay and record footage retrospectively, perfect if something happens when you haven’t been planning to make a video and a great reason to have this plugged in at all times.

RECentral software is also included, which is designed to help to make streaming videos super simple and further ties in with their aim of making this one of the simplest and most portable models with easy streaming and capture. It is super easy to use and get your videos onto Twitch or Youtube in no time at all.

The Live Gamer Extreme card gives the option of customizing your case with a logo or even YouTube channel name emblazoned on the front.  The cover has an LED light under it which informs the user if the recording is taking place or not. Moreover there is a jack for connecting microphone where the other jack can be used to hook up the capture gamer card to a PC. There is also HDMI in and out located as well. AverMedia’s capturing software is easily downloadable from the internet and not too difficult to use. However one can always find a token inside the box at the time of the purchase which gives free six-month subscription to Xsplit. The software is simple to use and can offer features like picture in picture and 3D fonts which allows people to see the gamer’s pictures, it is exceptional software which makes the whole process easier and is worth checking out.

As mentioned before this card has an ability which allows users to record commentary while they are playing the game. The game audio doesn’t merge with the users commentary so there is nothing to worry about that.  This feature is given so the users have full control of the post gaming session. Some users also link their favorite audios through iPod and then mix it with the streaming session, if you are streaming live this is a wonderful way of doing it but if you aren’t so worried about ‘live’ you can always add this afterwards in your editor. The control is fantastic through this card which allows users to create creative output.


Various gaming sites have rated the product high and overall the verdict of several users is positive, and although it isn’t the best reviewed model of capture card on the market, it is a great choice for many people simply because it is so portable and easy to use. In case you are planning to buy this amazing Avermedia Live Capture gaming card then go ahead and enjoy the quality experience.

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