Finding the Best Budget Gaming Chairs

gamingWe’ve created a list of gaming chairs available for under or around the $100 mark for gamers on a budget, and those not wanting to break the bank in return for comfort. Gaming is one of the most exciting activities for loads of people. It is a growing industry and hobby, whether you choose to game whilst on a vacation, after work or school or when your friends come over. Whether you are a gamer who plays on Facebook or has the latest gen console, most people find a lot of enjoyment in gaming.

Being a fan of gaming, especially if you go ‘hardcore’ will require some equipment and it is best if you can find cheaper equipment to avoid spending a fortune if you are on a budget. Affordable gaming chairs can be difficult to come by but we’ve created a list with an imaginary budget to find the best gaming chair under $100, or at least around that mark.

A good and comfortable gaming chair should offer a few different features.

Ergonomics and comfort. This isn’t just for the novelty value of thinking ‘man, this is comfortable’ when you sit down. If you spend a lot of time sitting on a poor quality chair whilst gaming you can end up with back, neck and shoulder problems in the future.

Adjustable. The best gaming chairs should let you adjust them to your own personal needs, whether that’s height, arm rest or other options, this can further aid with avoiding injury or discomfort.

Material. Both heat and comfort come into play here. If you live somewhere really hot then leather seats will retain all of that heat, it is worth thinking about the material you want.

Our top reviews of the best gaming chairs under or around the price of $100 when writing have been compiled and compared for your help when making a buying decision.

X-Rocker Extreme III 2.0

X Rocker are a manufacturer of rocker style gaming chairs, which usually sit on the floor and provide a curved, rocking design. The best feature of the X-Rocker Extreme III are its 2.0 sound system attached to the chair itself. They give a superb surround effect that makes gaming all the more realistic and immersive for you. This is all the more exciting with the side-fitted sound systems, towards the headrest, as well as, the arm support.

The full back support that comes in an ergonomic design, allows your spine to be safe and your body remain comfy while gaming and not cause a strain to you. The design is also pretty cool, and if you have a gaming area set up, lets face it, you want it to look good.

The carefully fitted headrest gives your head and neck decent support too.

This particular chair allows you to play sounds and music from any source with a headset or RCA outputs.

Besides gaming, it is possible to even use this chair for listening music, watching television or even for just chilling out and relaxing.

With high ratings given by customers, the X-Rocker Extreme III owes most of its popularity to its low prices as opposed to its varied features against all other gaming chairs in the stores. It doesn’t have all of the most amazing features out there, and the audio could maybe be a little more clear, but it is a decent option for those on a budget.

Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair With Audio

The Cohesion XP is another rocker style video gaming chair that has gained much popularity especially due to its low price and audio features.

Like the previous model mentioned, this chair has two wired receiver audio speakers fitted to its sides and has pretty good quality for such affordable pricing.

The sleek looking black chair with a dash of red linings on the ends makes it a decent choice for die hard gamers and hobbyists alike. It is lightweight and portable, and of course affordable, but this also means some of the bigger gamers out there have said they’ve struggled with this chair as it isn’t the most durable, but under $100 it is tough to find something rugged.

V-Rocker SE Gaming Chair

This may not be under $100 at all times, and you may need to shop around to get it within your budget and check the latest price, but this is worth the extra money if you can afford it. This gaming chair is another rocker model, just like the X-Rocker Extreme III 2.0, with its ergonomic design, gives a whole lot of back support to gamers everywhere.

V-Rocker interactive audio lets you actually feel the sound as it blasts off, making the gaming experience more of an immersive experience and add an extra element or ‘dimension’ to your gaming. The speakers fitted on to the chair even have powerful subwoofers that add to this experience and give a boom to your soundtrack.

The wireless audio function, as well as headphone jack attached to the side control panel allows you to adjust the volume and the bass control even as you sit and concentrate on your game.

It may cost a little more, but both the build quality and experience of sitting on this rocker is far better than some of the alternatives.


It is totally understandable trying to save money where you can, and gaming is an expensive hobby, but getting that balance between price and quality is key, and there’s no point in buying the cheapest gaming chair if it is just going to break and be of no use. The above options give a great option for those trying to keep their costs down but still looking for a gaming chair to rely on

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