Best Racing Wheels for Xbox One – Steering Wheels for Xbox

car-160115_640From the humble joystick, gaming steering wheels and other controllers have come a long way. Enhancements in Virtual Reality, augmented reality and just the generic graphic element of games and the need to “feel” during our game have led to an evolution in steering wheel and gamers now want more than just something that “turns”. Users often feel the need to upgrade their driving game experience with a good steering wheel and while pros might know exactly what they want, someone new to racing games and racing wheels would find it difficult to know where to start. There is a plethora of options based on the spending capacity and the requirements. Steering properly gives a lot of value to the driving game and the evolution of these types of products go to signify the impact they have on enhancing the gaming experience. Racing games have always been popular, but now they can feel real, but in order to feel like you are on the track you need to kit yourself out.

At one end of the spectrum, a lower end steering wheel just turns and does the basics but is synced very well. If you want more, you can move on to a more luxury option that simulates g-force as well. Steering wheels can even also come with full-blown simulators where you’ll get pedals including dedicated clutch pedals, manual gearbox or paddle shifting mechanisms for those truly dedicated to gaming and racing. Naturally, the more features you want the more it is going to hurt the purse strings. To be honest, the cheapest racing wheels are likely to do the basics, but there are some good value options there, especially for the casual gamer. If you want a full blown seat and simulation experience of driving, prepare to spend.

We’ve reviewed a few different options at differing prices, all of which are compatible with the Xbox One.

Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 Spider

Search for a steering wheel and the first name you are likely to come across is the ThrustMaster. They produce steering wheels for all gaming consoles. The Ferrari 458 Spider though, is exclusive to users of the Xbox One. The feel of the wheel is almost like a real Ferrari’s with textured rubber grip and the official Bungee Cord mechanism at the wheelbase that gives you more control over the drive. The Ferrari 458 Spider steering wheel is licensed by Ferrari and is a replica of a real ‘rari steering wheel so you can feel like you’re driving a true supercar. The wheel features two metal paddle shifters and has great driving gear too including 9 replica action buttons. The wheel also features adjustable steering sensitivity ensuring that the driving is more precise.

Thrustmaster TX

Another great option from the Thrustmaster brand is the T300 RS. It gives the most bang for your buck and is very responsive. As a result, you get some great force feedback when you turn the wheel. However, the T300 RS is PS4 compatible. The Xbox equivalent of the T300 RS is the Thrustmaster TX. It’s just as awesome when it comes to quality of control and feedback. This bundle costs more than the standard version of the RX, but the reason we’re recommending it so highly is because of the two items it ships with, namely the T3PA 3-pedal pedal set and the TM Leather 28 GT 11″ detachable leather wheel.

The stitching on the leather that lines the inside of the wheel could be a slight problem though. It can rub slightly against your thumb if you use it a lot on your first day before your hand has the chance to get used to it.

The TX has a great pedal set with pedals that have weight. The control is also quite good and you can clearly feel the acceleration and braking. You will probably want to mount it to a racing seat if you’re going to go all out by buying this set, though the floor and a desk would work – there is a desk attachment clamp included, which is sturdy and easy to set up and take apart.

Hori Racing Wheel for Xbox One

Hori is not known for only producing the best arcade sticks around. They also release some of the finest racing wheels you can buy. While it may not offer forced feedback, other features make up for this component not being a part of the racing wheel. For what it gives, Hori has put in a lot of attention to details and the paddle-shifters and grips are very well detailed and tuned. The analog foot pedals come with a wide base that gives you enough space and stability. And the rubber grip on the wheel definitely feels efficient. This is one of the finer wired racing wheels out right now for the Xbox One. This racing wheel also comes with programmable buttons for total customisation.

Logitech G920 Racing Wheel

The Logitech G920 is another good option from a brand that provide a huge amount of peripherals for computers and consoles. This is their answer to a steering wheel, and is one of the more affordable models on the market. It has won quite a few awards for its abilities and gives an option at a different price point for a lot of gamers. It works on Xbox One and PC, though this does have an alternative model, the G29, which is suitable for PS4 and PS3 gamers.

This can be bought with a ‘shifter’ or gear stick which allows you to do manual gear changes, but this is something that depends on personal choice. Buying online gives a huge amount of choice, and you can buy with or without this feature. Many retailers are claiming that this is the best selling Xbox one steering wheel out there.


At the end of the day, the kind of racing wheel that you choose is completely dependent on the kind of driver you are and the type of games you like to play. While some racing wheels are great for the track, others are more suited for driving. With some racing wheels, you might be more enthused by the forced feedback. Others are great for the precision driving they help you experience. The three suggested above are some of the best in the market currently. The one you choose completely depends on your personality and the games that you play. To enjoy a good driving game , whether you’re playing a Forza game, Gran Turismo or Project Cars, having accessories such as the above steering wheels can have a huge impact and make for a much greater, more immersive experience.

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