Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder Review

blackmagicBlackmagic are an intriguing and fast growing company, who offer all sorts of different types of audio and visual equipment. Naturally, we’re looking at their capture cards and devices, specifically starting with the ultrastudio mini recorder. Blackmagic studio are pushing the envelope and shipping products with an incredible capacity to capture video from multiple sources. With the ultrastudio mini, it can capture from any HDMI or SDi input, which makes it the perfect solution for a huge amount of consoles including PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One or other handheld devices.

This is a pro product, make no mistake, and its capacity to handle amazing, professional projects is almost unrivalled. It has amazing Thunderbolt™ tech, which has a crazy 10 Gb/s connection, to put that in perspective it’s ten times that of a USB 2.0 connection, and means that whatever formats you’re plugging into it, it will handle with ease, and with low latency and accurate time syncing.


Check out a full list of compatible software (as long as you have the correct driver):

“Avid Media Composer, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Apple Final Cut Pro 7, Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Symphony, Avid News Cutter. Adobe After Effects, The Foundry Nuke, Adobe Photoshop. For broadcast; Tools On Air just:in & live:cut & just:play & just:live, Softron OnTheAir, MovieRecorder and OnTheAir CG. Audio software including ProTools, Steinberg Nuendo & Cubase. For streaming – Flash Media Encoder, Wirecast, Livestream Procaster.”

As you can see, this is built to be versatile and flex to whatever your setup is, whatever the input, whatever the software. The format it converts at will be a standard DPX and Quicktime so easily compatible, industry standard files, perfect whether you just want to upload a quick youtube clip, or whether you’re looking to put videos of your gameplay in a full HD movie.


It is hard to put into words the exact level of quality this hits. Blackmagic products are as close to perfect as the industry currently has, and the video can be either compressed or uncompressed. If uncompressed, you’re looking at a pixel perfect exact copy of the video without any loss at all in the quality or detail. This is amazing for HDMI inputs from any source, everything from your gameplay of Call of Duty to your old videos.


Because it works on the thunderbolt tech, you need to make sure that the PC or Mac you are using is compatible and has a thunderbolt input. Other than that, the use is pretty simple and the vast majority of reviews are favorable and show just how simple this can be to use.

Streaming is a really popular use of this product, and an example setup would be to plug your console into the UltraStudio Mini Recorder, which in turn hooks up to the computer and goes through uStream, Periscope or similar in order to stream video online. Of course if you are using it for games or streaming your gameplay, you can hook it up to Twitch and it isn’t laggy or problematic.


It really is worth talking about the price of this product, it is comparable to a lot of the capture cards on the market at the moment which don’t offer the quality of this, so as long as you have a system that can run it and handle the software needed to edit your videos, stream them or do whatever you wish with the footage you intend to capture, you’re good to go. The value is exceptional, and the average review at the time of writing on Amazon and other online retailers is well above 4 stars out of a possible 5.


The price point, ease of install, reliability and quality of this product make this a superb choice for gaming, it is one of the best mini capture cards and other uses such as streaming from a HD Video Camera. The quality isn’t really even up for debate and it is without doubt one of the best capture devices and products of its type out there today, cementing Blackmagic Design as a leading company in the world of HD Capture and audiovisual. The Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Mini Recorder Reviews out there back up our views on the product as the industry lauds an amazing product at a price which isn’t out of reach even for home gamers, youtubers and hobbyists.

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