How to Capture and Record Pokemon Go Gameplay On iPhone (iOS) and Android

pokemon goPokemon Go has taken over. Well and truly. There are now millions of players who have taken to the game and it is rumoured to be the most successful app of all time on both iOS and Android. The game has gone viral, and the new augmented reality feature has created a real buzz. It isn’t just kids playing the game as many generations get their nostalgic kicks from this game, whether they’re playing on iPhone or Android. The free app has made its way onto millions of devices.

As with any game of this size, people always want to share footage captured from the game, whether this means making tutorials to help people level up or catch rare Pokemon, or it just means wanting to share your latest catch with your friends! Sometimes screenshots won’t cut it, but luckily there are screencap (that’s screen capture) apps which can help you out.

Screen Capture Video from iPhone 5, 5S, 6, SE and more…

There are a few screen capture devices out there for iOS which means you can capture from your iPhone. One which has been recommended over and over again for iPhone is the AirShou app which doesn’t require you to jailbreak or have anything specific done to your phone.

If you have a mac as well as your iPhone, using Quicktime is probably the best option, again it doesn’t need a jailbreak and as long as you are connected via a lightning cable you can connect to the software and capture from your iPhone. You also then have the benefit of your software being on your computer and not taking up your phone’s storage, and you can upload straight to Youtube or wherever you plan to share your videos.


Android’s apps are perhaps a little more flexible than those which are found on Apple’s app store, and there are options out there for capturing video.

Rec. Screen recorder is the one we recommend, it makes things super easy and gives you multiple options to choose from, storing video up to 30fps and letting you capture at a high quality from your device, and running in the background. It saves straight to your device so you can edit it there before uploading or you can put it straight on youtube. Of course, you can transfer to PC too if you’d rather do it from there.

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