Diamond VC500 USB 2.0 One Touch Capture Device Review

diamond vc500If you are looking for a device that can convert videos to digital files with ease you probably will have come across these types of devices. We present to you the diamond one touch video capture which is among the most versatile and undeniably excellent value device that can be kept on your desk ready to capture from a console or other video source. This device is a blessing for people who love capturing videos, not just from their consoles such as xbox and playstation, but from other sources such as VHS or more retro gaming devices, and want to save, edit and share their videos.

It’s definitely one of the cheapest options with the amount of features it has, and is a long way from the more expensive end of the market where you’ll find some of the more HD and really exceptional products, but if you’re going for good value and less of the bells and whistles then the Diamond VC500 is well worth your consideration.

The device also comes with the Arcsoft Show Biz software which helps the users to edit and transform the look of their original videos. The device is fully capable to capture videos and to convert them into digital files from a wide range of sources.  The digital files can later be stored on DVD and VCD’s. Users who own the Diamond one-touch video capture can also upload their videos to YouTube and other popular video sites and gaming communities such as Twitch in order to showcase their creativity and the videos they’ve made.  You will also notice that with this product you can create fantastic tutorials and other how to do various stuff videos with so much ease that you will get addicted to the product. If you previously own a VHS video cassette then you can also convert the files in it by using this amazing VC500 USB 2.0 video capture so if you’re using for both gaming and reviving those old files, this could be a great choice for you.

Another great feature of the VC500 is how small and portable it is, some of the other capture cards are bigger, but really this is the size of a USB dongle with some leads so it fits in your pocket or even the case of a mobile device such as a Wii U or PSP ready for capturing video.

The product has a lot of compatibility which allows it to work with with NTSC, PAL, MPEG 4/2/1, JPG and BMP formats. This is why it has been bestowed with lots of awards and considered to be one of the favorite items for video capture. Various video enthusiasts have rated the product high on different platforms because they believe that diamond one-touch video capture has made their life a lot easier.   Diamond one-touch video capture is optimized for windows Vista, windows 8 and also with DirectX 10/9 support and you can also buy a Mac version, so OSX users aren’t left out.

With every purchase of Diamond VC500, users get a video capture dongle and an Install CD. If you are using the product for the first time, newbies get a Quick Start up guide too which answers to several queries. The product is available online so you can purchase it from a range of retailers 

The company does not leave their customers to figure out the product themselves in case they are not happy with their purchase. The company offers support for their products through their website and also helps users find out drivers, downloads, user manuals and FAQs sections so that the users can resolve their common issues and enjoy the experience of Diamond One-touch. Moreover, users can also talk and address their concerns to a tech support agent. These agents can be reached during regular business hours. They also respond quickly through email.  All products by Diamond Multimedia are given warranty. Therefore in case one feels that one touch video capture video is not up to the mark then users have a one year limited warranty that covers any defects on the product.

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