Elgato Game Capture HD review

elgato hdToday, we’re finally looking at the number one capture card at the time of writing. The best seller, and probably most widely recognised model for gamers everywhere. For decades, gamers have wanted to share their screens with others, and in recent years the growth of the ‘youtuber’ has made it even more appealing. People are out there making a living from sharing their walk throughs and tips, all of it made more easy by using a capture card such as this, the Elgato Game Capture HD

Along with the ease of sharing video, we also have a generation that is used to HD! Capturing poor quality videos just won’t cut the mustard these days, and Elgato have realised that by creating a high definition card which grabs video at 1080p

How it works

It connects to your television through HDMI just like many other devices which plug in to your television; it can also accept either analogue or digital video input. Just plug in and play away whether you’re on Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox One or PS3/4 while the footage is captured.


A lot of products of this type can end up with a lot of different leads and a lot of setup, but this just doesn’t. It is the most simplistic possible set up and as long as your computer is on you can capture straight off the bat. Some users have reported the pass-through of the footage working before the drivers are even installed.

It has a simple layout, but don’t let that fool you, it provides advanced options and more detailed features than most of its competitors. Users can adjust a selection of presets for the picture’s brightness, contrast, saturation and hue to make sure the picture comes through clearly. 

No Lag! This is a huge issue for a lot of players and unfortunately some products do have their problems with lag, not this though! It works perfectly which is great for recording of course and also for…

Audio. Audio from the game can be captured, and simply add a microphone to your setup and put it as the input on the software and the audio can be captured and overlaid with ease.

The design is smart and in their own words it is roughly the same dimensions of a pack of cards which makes it super light, portable and easy to transport and use at a friends or unplug and use on another device or console.

It has a relatively simple edit controls. It enables you to upload your contents to social media sites and preview the recorded video. They offer the ability to in just one click get your footage out there on social networks and profiles so you can instantly share with your friends or followers. It really couldn’t be simpler to use.

Another amazing offering is their ‘flashback’ recording. Even if you haven’t hit record but the card is set up you can scroll back in time and record something retrospectively. Pretty amazing, especially if you’re playing games where you don’t know what’s going to happen or score an amazing touchdown/goal on a sports game.

One of the main features discussed in reviews and by the manufacturers is the encoding of the footage. Without getting too techy, the hardware and H.264 encoding means that the files stored are kept in high definition with superb quality and frame rate, without using huge amounts of storage space, which can be a real issue for people regularly recording videos.

Editing Your Footage

This device also has editing tools. Elgato game capture HD has won awards because of its recording abilities and ease of use. In my opinion it is probably the most versatile of all devices of this type, not only is it suitable to use on almost any new generation or even semi-modern console, it has compatibility with both mac and windows. Mac users have for a long time struggled to find the right hardware and software for their gaming captures and the Elgato HD provides them with exactly that.

Final verdict

At the time of writing, this card has a huge stream of great reviews. On Amazon, it is currently at well over 4 stars out of 5 on average reviews and over 2/3rds have given this a five star review. Complaints from consumers are minimal, and not without reason.

It is indeed the ideal and suitable for any recording work; it remains a great product for simple game capture. People admire it because it can capture analog video on your personal computer and you can watch them any day any time.

If you wish to conveniently record from a PS3, then be sure to use component cables. This isn’t a difficult thing to do and as with everything they’ve created it seems to be as simple as can be.;

When you are done with recording it couldn’t be easier to edit, delete and flick through your footage to see what you want to use. It is so simple to cut things and the software doesn’t take long to get your head around. If you’re used to different software or more advanced video making and want to use your captured videos for this, you can easily get the files into Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere or whatever you prefer, but you certainly don’t need to as Elgato have provided all you need. Great for beginners and advanced users alike.

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