Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Review – One of the Best Capture Cards?

hauppageFinding the best HD Capture Card or device can be tough, and honestly to find the best sometimes you have to look at the top end of the market, which is where this particular model sits. It is certainly not the cheapest option, but is it the best? It may just be, as we explore in this full review of the Hauppage HD PVR 2.

This version is a vast improvement on the previous version because it comes with better quality and additional features. In fact it can do so much that the earlier incarnations of this product cannot do. PVR2 offers recording and capture at 1080 pixels while the original PVR has only 720 pixels. In the modern generation of consoles, 1080p is far more appealing and offers movie style recording. The recording set up is really simple. You have a red button on the left for recording purposes. You also have the options to select or update the filename, video input, microphone input and video quality. If you want to change the color quality of the video on the TV, you can actually do it on your computer itself.  It is very easy to change the video quality and size based on your preferences once you have made the capture. You can also export your videos to MP4 and you can even save a load of hassle and upload it to youtube straight from this device.

When I first set this up, I actually found it slightly difficult to get started, however Hauppauge has a wonderful customer support team who made it very easy for me to get started. Once you get the knack of how to set it up and how to use it, using Hauppauge HD PVR 2 is extremely easy and straightforward. It offers many features at the click of a button. If you want to record live commentary during a game, you can do that as well. The Hauppage Capture feature enables you to record and simultaneously stream live commentary during a game.

You have to keep in mind that this uses 1080 pixels, you of course have the option to play at 1080, record at 1080 and watch in 1080. You can change it to 720 pixels if you want to because 1080 pixels take more time to upload and render as well as taking more hard drive space, but if you’re looking for a HD device the chances are that isn’t a problem.

It is a pretty cool device and so far I had no problems with it. I also trust that I won’t have problems with it in the future as well. Infact I own the HDPVR original and it has never failed me till date. It is just that the HDPVR 2 comes with better quality, more options and enhanced features. I have had problems with other devices and other recording companies, but not with these products. For the price of this device, it is extremely good quality and worth parting with a bit more than it would cost to buy some of its competitors. If you are looking for a device to record for youtube or anything similar to youtube, you must definitely consider Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition. It helps you to flaunt some of your best gameplay action, goals on your sports games or even become a famous youtuber (or just show off to your friends and family at the click of a button). The StreamEez feature is an added attraction. This feature helps you to stream your game play live seamlessly, however you need to have a good internet connection for that. You can also create exclusive channels for yourself using StreamEez.

In summary, it is great product that is cheaper than some of the other HDMI capture products. However installation and set up can be challenging in the initial stage to get it entirely up to scratch, that concern can be addressed in no time with Hauppage’s easy to follow instructions. The vast majority of reviews you’ll find online are extremely positive, and we’re confident that you’ll feel positive about this product too if you invest. If you’re wanting to edit your videos to a high standard, share them on youtube and even become a professional game reviewer, you’re going to need something that is of this sort of standard.

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