HopCentury HD Game Video Capture Box Review

hopcenturyVideo capture cards can be magic in a gamer’s life. It is like the seventh heaven for gamers who want to share their footage. If you are a hardcore gamer and you want every moment of your action to be remembered, then a video capture box is a must for you.

Among a wide variety of videos capturing boxes on the market, there is the model which we have enjoyed today, and the name of this attention grabber is HopCentury HD Game Video Capture Box with 1080p HDMI. It is a recording device for Xbox One 360, PlayStation PS4, PS3, PS2, Wii U Gameplay, and even PC. Its versatility can make sure you capture tons of great footage from tons of devices.

In this world full of technology, nothing is certain. You are playing a game and something really cool happens to you during that game, maybe you find the new pokemon you have been looking for or managed to defeat an extreme tricky level within a game or perhaps you have got a trick to unlock new bundle of awesomeness in your games, then you would obviously want to share your achievements and what you have been doing with everyone. Some people are even building a fanbase or better, making a living, streaming and recording games. Try the HopCentury video capture box, record your actions with 1080p HD quality and share it to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or streaming sites and other social media. This box comes with an H.264 hardware encoder which keeps the file size small for easy transferring, editing and uploading it to anywhere whenever you want, but doesn’t sacrifice on the quality meaning you get a good clear stream or high quality HD footage of your gameplay.    

This device is compatible with all HDMI and YPbPr outputs, which make it universal among all other video capturing boxes. It can go with any device you want. The most amazing thing is you do not even have to turn your PC on; you just need a USB flash drive and push the record button on, and that’s it, this is a huge plus point for this model as many have complex setups, but this is one of the simplest, most easy to use capture cards e’ve come across. So with just one simple yet powerful recorder you can record footage from Xbox, playstations, laptops and more. You just cannot only apply it for recording your gaming action, rather you can record videos, songs etc. you even have the freedom to connect a microphone to the MIC input. The device comes with HD game video capture, YPbPr cable adapter, AC charger, HDMI cable, Software CD, and User manual. One important thing to remember is that you just have to be careful regarding the USB flash drive, which should be formatted to FAT32 before using.

Spending money on this HD capture card will not be a loss if you are buying this video game capturing box presented by Hopcentury, instead, it will provide value for money.

This little fellow comes in a very stylish and portable size. It will not even require separate space to place it; you can put it anywhere near you and take it to your friends house if you’re planning a big gaming session. So if you do not want to let any precious moment slide away, then you should definitely go for it and plant it in your room. Do not miss any unique gaming moment from today!

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