Razer Ripsaw Capture Card Review

razerRazer may not be a household name when it comes to electronics and are a relative newcomer to the world of game capture, but in this ripsaw review, we look at whether it is up to the task as a capture card. A capture card can capture or stream a particular footage of a game from any current or even from older generation consoles in high resolution such as 1080p depending on if this is supported by the console or device. It can do the job wonderfully running around 60 frames/second. However, that is only the specs of this capture card. Razer Ripsaw Capture Card is one of the top quality models, as we explore here.

Razer released its very own ripsaw capture card not long ago, which increases the capturing ability. As a matter of fact, it has the capability to stream via USB 3.0. Another thing is that the card works perfectly well with both Xsplit and Open Broadcaster Software. As you already know, these two are among the most popular broadcasting software in the world which can help you stream, you can also use Twitch as it has become the standard for gamers and provides a platform to showcase to their fans.  Meanwhile, the Razer Ripsaw Capture Card also supports HDMI along with other cable support. You can easily become the star of the gaming world by showing everyone in your favorite gaming console. Gamers with a love different music inside the game can also feel free to buy this product. Surprised? Don’t be. This capture card has two 3.5mm audio ports at the front. One port is for supporting a microphone and the other one is for the secondary audio. This will provide the gamers a very special feature. They can easily capture from two sources at once, something not many other options provide.


Attaching to your device is super simple, and simply works via the HDMI output which can go straight into the input of your ripsaw. If you’re working from an older generation console, you may need a different adaptor. If you’re working from Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 or PS4 as well as Wii U, this really couldn’t be easier, and other devices aren’t beyond the realms of possibility when it comes to capturing.

We cannot simply ignore the feature about USB 3.0 support. Ripsaw can draw sufficient power from the computer through this port. USB 3.0 has better and faster transfer system. This direct connection eases the job in another way. You will not have to rely on any external AC tool (adapter). As a consequence, there will be lots of savings of space. When you capture one part of a game, you need your device to be accurate on time. Sometimes the ratio varies in terms of other devices. A delay of 2-4 seconds between the game and the software will not provide you the desired video file. On the other hand, Ripsaw Capture Card is able to do that 1:1, which is fantastic. You do not need to pause the game again and again to capture. You just need to turn the device on and keep playing. The capture card will do the rest. In addition, the setup is also pretty much simpler. You do not have to go through manuals of 200 pages to learn the technique. Simply select the install tab and you are done!


Is this one of the cheapest models on the market? No. It has gone toe to toe with the high end of the market and really holds its own, they haven’t set out to be a budget model, and there are cheaper alternatives, but if you want the best capture card, this is definitely worth considering.

Considering all the features mentioned above, you may well be tempted to at least give it a try. Game broadcasters know how difficult it is to maintain the accuracy while capturing a running game. So, if you are one of them looking for something improved and cozy, Razer Ripsaw Capture Card could be the solution. The price is not that higher considering the utility. In the US, it is available at a reasonable price. However, you need to make sure you are buying from the authentic stores. Electronic devices are very fragile and sensitive. Therefore, do not fall for any trap, buying with warranty is always recommended.

Razer Ripsaw Capture Card is an excellent addition to the modern gaming world. Zero latency in the game capture has made it one of the unique devices in the market. The only issue that could bother some people is the price, but the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ definitely applies.

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