Roxio Game Capture HD PRO Capture Card Review

roxio game captureCapture cards and devices in the grand scheme of things are pretty new to the market and people are still getting used to the brands which manufacture the best. Roxio have been one of the first to jump in and offer a good quality, HD capture card for grabbing the footage from games consoles and other devices. Many people use this particular capture card, the Game Capture HD Pro, to get their footage out of the console and onto video sharing sites such as Youtube and other social media. This device offers a plethora of features; it is convenient and easy to use.

In this article, we are going to talk about this product. As well as reviews of products on this site we aim to show you all the details possible and tutorials on using capture cards as well as other useful tips. This article being a product review will hopefully help you to work out whether this is the one for you.

Benefits of the Roxio GameCap HD PRO

  • Portable and light – it can easily come with you on journeys and be used to capture footage on the go, take it to your friends without any issues and capture the footage of your VS game.
  • Easy to use – doesn’t require a lot of messing around with different controls, just set it up and you’re off.
  • Easy to set up – straight out of the box it isn’t the most difficult card to get set up and functioning.
  • Editing software – there’s included editing software, as Roxio have thought about the fact that once the raw footage has been taken their users want a simple way to edit it and get the video exactly how they want, which is exactly what they’ve provided.
  • Can be used for live streaming too if set up with Twitch for instance
  • Ready and designed for new generation consoles, it can easily be hooked up to your PS4 or Xbox One as well as the PS3 and Xbox 360.
  • Did I mention easy to set up and get working? Like, seriously, your grandma could do it.

Current price

The price varies from one company to another of course, but this is somewhere in the ‘mid-range’ of capture cards in terms of affordability. If you want to get the current price, you can either get it from their official website or head straight over to Amazon.com.

Other useful tips

It is regarded by many as one of the most important capturing devices online. Among other things, it offers:

  • 60fps capture – some of its competitors only offer 30 fps and 60 gives a smoother video.
  • A blistering 1080p – HD indeed! If you are looking to become a youtuber and get your games footage out there for other people to watch you’re not going to want substandard quality, and the high definition this provides is helpful

Users should keep in mind that it doesn’t have direct composite support, so you will unable to plug any of the retro machines without hassle, if you’re looking to capture directly from a sega mega drive you may have some issues. The good news is that it has the capacity to capture video in various formats through component and HDMI cables. With Roxio machine, it would be possible to do streaming.

With this product, you can export and encode videos into varied formats. This is a really useful feature (even though it is one you should expect) if you really want to spread your video online and of course for storage. It has microphone and audio support, something a lot of machines struggle with, and something we’ve even made a whole guide on (audio for capture cards) as it can be tough. The software comes with a number of different transitions and animations to add a bit more variation and interest to your end product.

Final verdict

If you browse through the internet, you will read a wide range of customer reviews. Some are saying amazing things about this product, and some have their reservations about it. For the price of this product I certainly think it offers a lot and is so easy to get up and running. If you’re looking at building a YouTube empire or recording a wide range of footage, this product will help you in every way and is great for beginners.

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