The Best Capture Cards for Use With Wii U

elgato hdWe don’t always think of handheld devices when it comes to capturing game footage, with many of us capturing from Xbox and Playstation. If you are a Nintendo, and specifically Wii U user then you’re perfectly able to record, edit and even stream your gameplay too. If you’re looking to do exactly this, we suggest you to look at the Elgato Game capture HD60, which is a wonderful capture card for loads of different purposes and devices but works excellently on Wii U.

This capture card makes use of 1080pixels and 60FPS. Moreover, as mentioned it also capable of live streaming. If you have the latest generation of consoles then this will work perfectly as it is capable of recording from a HDMI output. Users with old consoles should invest in Elgato game capture HD which is similar to HD60 but is a slightly earlier model and therefore more easily compatible with old generation consoles too, failing this you can look at a converter, but if you’re just looking for capturing from your Wii U then this won’t be an issue.

Elgato game capture HD60  

Although Elgato Game Capture card falls in the mid-price range its popularity is quite high. This capture card does not require a lot of cables or even a power supply to record games so it is super simple. If you have a PlayStation 4, Xbox 1, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U input it is super easy to set up and go. The size of the device is small when compared with other gaming gear.  People have appreciated the device on several platforms. One of the users claim that it has revolutionized the way recording of game plays is done. Also it is well known among the old and new users because the software is straightforward and has no complicated setup or controls. Moreover the quality is extraordinarily high which is great for putting online and sharing, editing and using for any video projects. 1080p capture is relatively new to capture cards but this does it with ease and doesn’t take up too much space on your hard drive. If in future you are looking to enter the realms of twitch and YouTube then Elgato Game Capture HD series is the best choice to do so.

Avermedia Live Gamer C875

Another capture card for Wii U is Avermedia C875 LGP HD also known as Live Gamer HD. This is great for those users who would rather not have to use the computer in the process. This capture card does not need a computer to record videos and gaming moments. It has a built in feature which allows to record stuff on the go. However you may need to buy a SD card to save stuff and keep the videos files safe. It must be noted here that since there is no computer involvement the user may have to let go of some of the freedom and control. The user has no control over the settings when the recording takes place. The recording takes place in 720 pixel format and the capture card only uses its own software, this is normally fine and doesn’t provide issues for putting on youtube etc. Nevertheless you may always use the computer to edit things after capture, just plug the SD card in and use the footage as you wish.

This is a really nifty device for those who want to capture videos without having to go through the PC and is definitely the way I think capture cards will go in the future, more portable and a super easy setup. It has a tiny sacrifice in terms of the quality compared to the previously mentioned model, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a wonderful option, especially for those using a handheld console such as the Wii U, who probably don’t want a setup to involve a lot of hardware or a computer.


The above mentioned capture cards are one of the finest in the market right now which assure quality and excellent performance. They are also quite easy to use and can be used for streaming as well as normal capture. Great choices

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